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Why I Stopped With The ‘No-Poo’ Method

Elina Januari, SelfCare

My hair oh boy… Ever since I’ve cut it into a pixie cut, this was somewhere around 2012. I wanted it to grow out into a very long beautiful mane… And it kind of did. My hair reached somewhere around 22-23 inches. It was a good result for me. At the same time, I was so focused on getting it that long that I lost track of the health of my hair. So I decided to go completely shampoo free for a while. So the first stage was complete detox from chemicals and poo-free existence. It was rough, it’s not for the faint-hearted people I tell you.

I washed my hair once a week and I did the ‘baking soda and apple cider vinegar method’. I also tried grinding fenugreek seeds, adding boiling water to them and washing my hair with the slimy paste that makes. It didn’t actually make my hair clean though… The only method that worked but that was kind of hard to do more than once every two weeks was cassia and henna paste mask. What I did was I put the mask on my greasy mess of hair and after an hour of four of letting it sit on my hair I washed it out as best as I could. Then there was like a five day period where I had to painstakingly comb my hair out and this got rid of the residual henna and cassia and that kind of got the grease out. After those five days, my hair was smooth and shiny and beautiful for like three days then they started to get greasy again.

From November the 18th till January 14th, I was shampoo free… On January the 14th I decided I’ve done this long enough also my hair was starting to be a pain to manage. I did everything I could to go full three months without any shampoo. I didn’t reach the three-month mark. And boy, those two months were hard! 

I wore my hair in protective styles most of the time. And I love messy buns as much as any other busy mom out there. But at some point, I wanted to wear my hair loose in some kind of style. 

So I went to the hairdresser and they washed my hair and cut it and in a blunt bob. Yes, I’m just another Millenial with a long bob. But really I’ve done a whole lot in the past two years to make my hair grow faster make it shiny and healthy and let me tell you when the hairdresser cut it all of it felt wonderful. I don’t feel defeated, I learned a lot about taking care of my hair. And I’m continuing my ‘no poo’ method in another way. I bought a silicone and sulfate-free shampoo and from now on I will be less rigid and more relaxed about my hair. 

new shampoo
maui shampoo

These last two months I really felt like I backed myself into a corned. I couldn’t go to a hairdresser for a proper haircut because I feared they would wash my hair with shampoo. I couldn’t give myself a proper blowout because I was afraid of the heat damage, I couldn’t use a heat protector because it was heard to wash it out. At some point, I was so frustrated.

I had limited means of the stuff I could do with my hair and it got really ridiculous. I decided to go with a fresh clean-cut as a way to start my year fresh. I just want to close off that chapter. I will wash my hair properly I have a good conditioner and a good shampoo and no desire of growing out my hair. I want to keep it short for a while just because experimenting on short hair is much better. I will see the results of my labor much faster. Or so I believe right now. I love my new haircut, what do you think?

A bit fuzzy, but really I don’t like making selfies I get weird and my face does weird things hahaha.

I hope your January is going great so far.