Magic moments

Watermarks, Tags, Ornaments, And A Sunrise

Elina December, SelfCare

So I’ve not been able to write yesterday. Because I was illustrating the whole day. I needed a watermark logo for my website because most of my works are ‘naked’ and so anyone can use them. Not that I would mind (laughs nervously). I wanted something special as a logo and I drew a stamp-like design. I think it is fitting because I love stamping so much.

My New Logo/ Watermark

Then I worked on yesterday’s prompt it was a gift tag. And I kind of struggled with it a bit. I made three designs and still had to start all over again and the fourth one stuck. Then I moved on to today’s prompt which was an ornament. This went surprisingly fast. So I did it again! This time three illustrations in a day. I’m very proud of my efforts.

tag illustration
I kind of like it and I kind of don’t… don’t ask me why…

The cozy challenge from yesterday was meditation in the morning by candlelight. I really enjoyed it. Overall it’s a very fun challenge. Today’s prompt is knitting something. I have to figure out what to knit… I think I’ll go for a loop scarf with a knitting loom. Why not? It’s a fun project. I have bit’s and pieces of yarn and I think of making it with lots of colors and different kinds of thread. I am a bit short on time but I’ll see if I can squeeze it in today. I don’t think that it will be ready today but I will start and then will see where I get.

I saw the sunrise again today on our walk with Maya and it was so magical. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before. It’s such a cool thing to experience. I do however have only one place where I can look at it. We start our walk with Maya a half an hour earlier to experience it but it’s a good trade-off.

I had to wait for it…
Worth every chilly minute I tell you!
December Sunrise

Again wishing you cozy December, enjoy your warm sweaters and wooly socks.