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  1. I would like to see planning videos, art journaling & craft projects. The length of the videos don’t really matter. My go to planner supplies are washi tape & stickers! Thanks for this giveaway!

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  2. Great Giveaway!

    1. I’d love to see more Pocket Letter videos. I’m new to PL and need inspiration.

    2. A video starts to lose my attention after about 10 minutes

    3. Foam tape. Patterned paper. Embossing powder.

  3. I would love to learn more about making pocket letters!

    The short videos work best for me.

    I love washi tape, fancy scrapbook paper & stickers!

  4. 1. I would really like you to try the DIY project life cards using some stamps
    2. I like short and detailed tutorial videos
    3. my top 3 favorite crafts stuff: stamps, cardstocks and ephemeras

  5. Hello, Thank you for this oportunity of winnig Lawn fawn prizes!! About the questions: I don’t mather about the size of the video. I like long ones when i’m scraping or small ones when i have just some minutes to wathe them.
    I like to see all kind of videos but prefer PL videos.
    I NEED paper!! and embelishements.

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  6. Question 1: Love to watch hall videos.
    Question 2: Long or short… doesn’t mater to me
    Question 3: Paper!!


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  7. Thank you for this chance☀️ It depends really on what the video is about… I like when parts that are repetitive are sped up. I love planner videos and how do you decorate… And I love stickers embellishments and die cuts and stamps LOL !!! And paper !!!

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