Merry and Bright

Sinterklaas, Candlelight and Fairy Lights

Elina December, SelfCare

Today we had a visit from Sinterklaas. It’s a ‘Santa’-like person that brings kids presents, cookies and mandarins. Sinterklaas rides a horse so what you should do is you take a shoe and you place a carrot inside. You set your shoe out for the Sint to find and you go to sleep. The carrot is obviously for the horse. The children wake up to discover that the carrot is gone but instead there are ‘speculoos’ cookies (a sort spiced shortcrust biscuit), mandarins and sometimes even presents.

Why the shoe? Long ago it was considered a great generosity to give a gift in a shoe. I guess the shoe-thing stuck. It’s a peculiar thing but I really delight in partaking in this whole weird ritual.

Richard woke up to find all of the items listed above. I and my husband were having a conversation about why we do it. Why do we participate in this interesting celebration? Well, I really love giving gifts and my husband might deny it but he does as well. And right from the birth of my son, I wanted him to experience a sense of wonder. That feeling like anything is possible and that there is magic in this world. He is now five years old and there is such a narrow window before he will be too big to believe all that peculiar stuff. But for now, we are enjoying making him squeal with joy about the finding of a half-eaten carrot by the shoe. There is so much negativity and I want to balance it out. I do it with a cozy home, safe to explore environment and the magic of appearing gifts from mythical gift-givers like Sinterklaas or Santa.

After Rich went to school and I walked Maya I lit a candle. It was raining the whole day and it was so dark outside. The candle made our home smell great and made it cozier. 

Today’s ‘cozy’ challenge was coloring together. It went ok, but nobody except me was really into it. So it was about 5 minutes that we were coloring in coloring books on the dinner table. But still, it was kind of cool moment to have.

Today’s illustration challenge prompt was fairy lights. And oh, how I enjoyed illustrating it. I don’t know what it was but it seemed like the perfect prompt for the day as dark as today. Our own fairy lights were on the whole day and they too contributed to the coziness of today. 

I hope your December is going well 🙂