Shopping, Candles and Hidden Beauty In The Mundane

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No blogpost yesterday I know… It was a very busy day I and my husband were buying last presents, that turned out not to be the last at all because there is another scheduled event. There will be another shopping spree. But I think this one will be digital.

After our shopping outing, we came home and I could work on my illustration some more. I picked up Richard from school and he had this cool new year letter. It’s a tradition here in Belgium all the kids write a letter with best wishes. He can’t write just yet, the teacher printed out a letter they made together and they have memorized it. When we came home he performed it for us because it wasn’t just reciting it he also acted it out. It was so sweet that we had to share it. I called my mom right away and the whole family met at my mom’s house to listen to little Richard.  

It was very late when we got back home and I worked further on my illustration and I quickly posted it without writing a blog.

Today was very slow and I have drawn this illustration and oh, I just love how it turned out. I know it’s not perfect but it’s the way I saw it, the way I wanted it to turn out. I love to light candles in December it adds warmth and coziness particularly on gray and windy days like today.

Today’s ‘cozy’ challenge calls for decluttering the house. Our home is mostly decluttered but I’ll go around and look at what can be donated to a second-hand store. And we can bring it next week.

Nothing exciting, but there is always a sort of hidden beauty in the mundane.

I hope that all your wishes will come true this December. Just lite candles and before blowing them out makes a wish.