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Shopping And Other Stuff

Elina December, SelfCare

Today we went shopping for presents for all the kiddos in our family. Really it’s my favorite thing to do. I can explore the world of toys and find what I think will be the best pick for all the kids.

I love it. We did this without my son Richard obviously. But when we do go with him he loves it so much he calls it ‘The Land of Toys’. I imagine that for him it is a pretty enormous space with lots of toys. It’s kind of cute. 

It was a very typical December activity and there were loads of other moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas in the building. It all felt so cool to be a part of this very interesting ritual. And I know that the minimalists out there don’t really like this period, because of the waste and the waste of money and precious time. I get their point I really do. But for me, it’s the creating of a magical feeling. The belief in good. The anticipation of something exciting. 

I don’t participate in Black Friday though. In my opinion, it’s a great marketing ploy to make us buy as much as possible. And on one hand, if you do it smart you can have all your gifts for low prices but I don’t like to participate because I know that I will never adhere to a list I will always want to buy more. And although at the moment something can seem like a critical item for a very enticing price it usually isn’t the case. So no Black Friday or Cyber Monday for me. 

I and my husband went to the store looked around for the things we thought would be a great fit for the kid in question and bought the things we needed. We don’t really spend a lot of money on gifts but they are always thoughtful and good for the development of the child if we can help it. 

Back home I and my son sat down to write letters (curated by me of course) for Santa and Sinterklaas (Belgian Santa) and we sealed them they are ready to be sent. The whole day had a magical feel and I’m happy to share it with you. 

Today’s prompts were mittens. The illustrating challenge of December is going well so far. I still feel nervous though when I start drawing and I usually feel nervous when posting the picture on Instagram. I don’t know if that feeling will ever go away… Oh, and I would love to have a buffer of some drawings for when I’m in a time bind but lately, I barely make one, so no buffer yet. I’m doing this challenge day by day. I guess it’s a good way to build a routine, practicing every day. But still, I would like a buffer because I know that there will be days in December when I won’t be able to find the time to draw or write a blog post. This is something that I need to resolve planning-wise.

I hope that December is treating you well so far.

Stay warm,