Christmas Loading

Productivity, Groceries, And Relaxation

Elina December, SelfCare

Today was the most relaxed day ever. And I have no idea why. I started with my usual ‘run run’ morning even more so because I woke up later than I usually do around 6.30 am. But I felt like I had the energy for it. I felt like I had the energy for whatever. I went for our usual morning walk with Maya and it was pouring outside. But I was prepared I had a raincoat on and a baseball hat, it’s the best thing in the rain. Because when you only wear a raincoat you get rain in your face. A raincoat combined with a baseball hat means a dry face. Maybe it’s a well-known rule already and I’m late to the game, but since I discovered it my walks with Maya in the rain are much more pleasant. 

After my walk, I came home and looked at the ‘cozy’ challenge in my bullet journal. The prompt was ‘buying flowers’ for someone else. But I and my husband (who also works from home) were staying home the whole day. I decided to switch this one with the next prompt in the row and that’s cozy sweater and warm socks. I immediately got my favorite warm socks. They are fuzzy, stretchy, and soft, more stockings than socks actually. But I wear them as socks and my favorite sweater is a heavy sweater that I got from my husband. He bought it for himself but wore it just a handful times until he said that he didn’t really like it and I very willingly adopted it. If it’s wrong to covet and wear men’s clothing… Then I don’t want to be right…Right?!

Once I had my sweater, socks and a cup of my favorite tea (a blend of raspberry, mint and green tea), I got to work. I made two drawings today. It’s a miracle on its own. Usually, I’m very slow so it’s one drawing a day. But today somehow I made two of them. It’s incredible really because my work just flowed and I only took a break for lunch and then went back to illustrating. Today’s prompt was candy cane and I wanted something clever as a phrase. I browsed Pinterest and found this ‘Christmas Loading’ prase and got the picture in my mind instantly of what I needed to draw. Tomorrow’s prompt is still a secret because I want you to see it as I post it.

After all this, we went together to pick up Richard from school and after we went to our local supermarket to stock up on groceries. It went very smoothly and in no time we were back home with every item we needed. We prepared supper in record speed and sat down to eat. Meanwhile, I also started laundry, cleaned the kitchen and did some general chores around the house. I can’t describe to you how easy it all felt and how smoothly it all went. It’s not like we did something out of the ordinary. It was a pretty mundane day for us and still, everything seemed to go the way it should without any hangups. Although it was a very productive day I didn’t really feel rushed or stressed at any point today. And for me, it’s a pretty big deal, to say the least. 

My best guess is that I was in the right state of mind today. I felt physically and emotionally stable and strong. I honestly want every day to feel like this. Being able and capable to do and be whatever and whoever I need to be. Let’s hope it’s not a fluke.

Anywho, I also started another challenge within my ‘finish stong’- operation. I want to read 13 books until the end of the year. Because I’m doing a lot of drawing and pattern design I’m able to listen to books in the meantime. Also, I listen to books while walking my dog and doing chores around the house. My husband lovingly calls me ‘the walking dead’ because most of the time I’m doing something around the house I’m lost in another world. 

I already have a list of books that I want to listen to. I’m already halfway through the first one.

This was my very productive and very relaxed day. 

I hope you are having the best December ever.