Not An Illustrator… Yet

Elina Crafts, Illustration

I’ve been obsessed with illustrating for the past 5 years and I’ve been practicing off and on for the same time period.

First in a sketchbook and now I have an Ipad and Wacom Bamboo stylus.

I know that many of you love to create something and so do I, but sometimes it’s just impossible to start. Do you know that feeling? There is a project inside you and you thought about that project many times and still nothing…

This has been me for quite some time with illustrating. I’ve been practicing on and off and it’s really something I’m passionate about and at the same time, it scares the crap out of me.

I feel like we as species are natural-born creators. We love to create our environments. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s considered ‘creative’ or not. Whether you think of yourself as a creative human being or not, you are one.

So this being said, I think of myself as a creative human being and that’s why you are reading my blog post right now. I wanted to create a job for myself. I needed something that would fit right with me and show others how creative they could be. As I explore my creativity you can do it alongside me. 

I love illustrating and illustrators and everything that has to do with illustration. But when I said this to my parents many moons ago. They reacted as if I was insane and never would I earn money doing it and I didn’t really have what it took anyway.

Let’s just say I was at a very impressionable age back then and when they said what they said it broke something in me. I never stopped creating because of the need that lived inside me and pushed me towards being more creative. But mentally I created a wall of some sort between myself and my creativity. It stopped me from taking it seriously. 

So, being a typical millennial I’m blaming my parents for not being able to start a regular practice of drawing every day and not being an illustrator already. No, I’m just kidding. It’s my responsibility completely. Sure, a nourishing environment is key for everyone starting.

But now I have that nourishing environment. A husband that loves everything I do, well not really everything but most of my projects. He is the most encouraging human being on earth and I’m very grateful for his loving and kind words. My mom weird, but true is also someone that ‘has seen the light’ and wants me to write books and create my (not so little) butt off. My grandma who lives thousands and thousands of miles away from us and is born in 1945 is liking my pictures on Instagram. She is just awesome!

All of the support from around me has given me enough encouragement to start something I’ve been putting off for a really long time now. If you don’t have that supportive environment around you, you have my encouragement. Go for it. Start doing, start creating, stop thinking about it.

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now. I’ve been following all kinds of Skillshare illustration classes. And because I want to finish my year strong and finally launch into illustration career no time like the present to start a challenge. I will post an illustration every day this December starting today. All of the illustrations will be Christmas-themed of course.

I hope you follow along and start doing something you wanted for a while. 

Oh and happy December!