My Planning System: Using Bullet Journalling and a Happy Planner

Elina Planner

I used to feel so overwhelmed when it came to planning my week. The future looked like a dark hole, even if I had a whole To Do list and loads of appointments. I felt a bit lost and confused when it came to actual planning part. I think it was this hard to plan because I never really accepted that I’m a very visual person. I need to see something first before I get how it works. So for many years, I searched for my planner peace. I started my planner collection a couple of years ago. And it seemed like a good thing at first but soon I saw that with every new planner a promise of being organized came and went. I became a bit desperate until I  found this picture on Pinterest:




Soon thereafter I wanted to copy it into my planner but with adjustments. I copied the layout and then I made a list just a running list of stuff that needed to be done at home within the given intervals. And then I thought that maybe I could use the same system for my meal planning, playtime with my son, self-care, and work. It worked very well. Right now if I have a new area in my life that needs to be a routine or become a routine I first copied this structure that you see above. Here is how you can set up your system.

  • Daily: This part you can divide in two: morning and evening routine. Or leave a running list of stuff that you need to do every day.
Cleaning cal

This one is divided in two: morning and evening.

meal planning

This one is just a list of daily recommendations.


  • Weekly: Give one or more tasks to each day. One of the days should say chose monthly. This will link your monthly chores or tasks or recipes to your weekly rotation. This is the backbone of this system, what I love about this. This ensures that you won’t forget the stuff that doesn’t need to happen daily but should get done at some point that month or that year.

You can use cute stickers or draw something yourself to decorate this.



  • Monthly: An easy oversight of the things that need to take place in the 1st,2nd,3rd or 4th week of that month. Again leave a link to the yearly list in one of those weeks.
monthly planning

Monthly schedule.


  • Yearly: This might be a  challenge for you to drum up, but no worries. Just go to Pinterest and type in a subject you’re working on and it will show you what people already made. You can use it as a source of inspiration, but you can also copy it. As long as you don’t do anything illegal you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and think up your own original list of chores or tasks that need to happen yearly. Don’t be overwhelmed, don’t give up. The key to success in planning is trying out new stuff, seeing what works and trying out new stuff if nothing had worked.
    list of yearly chores

    Yearly chores.


    I hope you’ll find my video and this post useful. If you have any questions leave a comment below.