little wolfie

Meet Maya Papaya our Samoyed

Elina Maya Papaya

We got a DOG! Well… we had Maya Papaya for a while, she has been with us for 6 months already… We adopted her when she was 6 months old so we don’t really have any puppy pictures. It was quite a difficult few months… Although we were prepared it still was surprisingly challenging… And I’m not talking about walking Maya every day for 3 hours. As Samoyed are working dogs they require lots and lots of exercise we live in quiet neighbourhood with lots of nature where we can take good long walks. We love to hike so it was the least difficult part.

Is it a wolf or a dog???
Maya Papaya is offline

The more challenging parts were potty training. Thank God we are allergic to dust so we don’t have a lot of carpets just one carpet in our living room and one rug in Richards room and both of them were assaulted. At some point we decided to get rid of our living room carpet because it was a mess most of the time, Maya was either chewing it, chewing on it, or peeing on it or rolling around on it. We had to clean it like 6 times a day so we decided to revisit the idea of a carpet in our living room in a couple of years… when her chewing stage is a bit under control and her potty training is drilled in. The little rug in Richard room stayed, but only because Maya isn’t allowed in his  room.

Maya on a gentle leader leash

Then there was the ‘pulling on the leash’… Oh My… We really didn’t know what to do about it and then we discovered the gentle leader leash. Now she pulls less but still stubbornly tries it.

Left alone she decided to have fun… The destruction of a supply of her own ‘poop bags’ and handkerchiefs and my beautiful napkins was real…

She is still a toddler in a very difficult sense of that word. She rebels against rules and sometimes she pretends that she doesn’t hear us whilst doing whatever we don’t approve of… Like chewing on something we love and cherish…

Well played Maya, well played…

OMG this sounds as if I don’t love adore and worship our little snow wolf…  I really do! See the things I summed up are the only negative things I could come up with. Here come the positive, like every other adult that just had a baby and can’t stop talking about him or her… Yes 6 months later and I’m still in that stage…

She secretly loves all the attention

She is so sweet like any Samoyed owner I spoke to or read about, I think that mine is the most beautiful and the most intelligent Samoyed in the whole world. I love her to bits!

Maya Papaya and Rich
The bestest of friends

She loves to play with Richard and it wasn’t a given… I mean we didn’t expect it to be… We were never those parents… The ones that buy a dog ‘for their children’. We adopted Maya because we wanted and dreamed of Samoyed for a really long time and I mean we were researching it for 3 years… 3 years of thinking and dreaming about our doggy!

Rich and Maya
Everyone chips in

Both of me and my husband had a dog before but we were very young then and didn’t consciously took care of it… I was really nervous because in all of the articles about this breed it wasn’t recommended to get it if you were a first time owner. Technically we weren’t but actually we were… So there was definitely a learning curve I can’t tell you how many books I’ve read and listened in those first months about dogs. I watched all Ceaser Millan’s videos and learned a thing or two about myself in the process. The thing was that I was so anxious all of the time and it was influencing how I interacted with Maya. So I found a method to make me less anxious… Audiobooks and podcasts while I was walking her, wow really a game changer! I started to cary myself differently, more self assured and also I stopped expecting Maya to be a certain way and accepted her the way she was… A not so tiny toddler who tries to find out how she is fitting in this world. She hates her leash but we are obligated to keep her on a leash, we regularly visit the dog park were she can just run wild.

a lot of fur
Lots and lots of it!

She doesn’t really enjoy me brushing her and we get through it with loads of treats. Her coat is thick and she sheds a lot and brushing is a daily requirement… Still I love to do it, afterwards she just looks brand new, the coat is nice and shiny and tangle free… So there is no real problem here folks, I get to enjoy brushing her and she loves her treats.

In the beginning we used to pull on the gentle leader a lot but now we just use it whenever she gets too wild…

And I really love walking Maya in the morning I wanted to do something to share somehow my enjoyment with you, the reader and so I’ll share a sort of online diary with you, promise there’ll be lots of pictures and stuff you can use in your own life like book recommendations and fun anecdotes. I’ll also share with you what I do at home on a daily basics and my fun creative projects because without that I wouldn’t be me at all you see…

Love at first sight
Maya and Rich

I hope to see you here again and in the meanwhile go check out my instagram!

Yours truly,