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I Thrift, You Thrift, We All Should Thrift More Often

Elina Thrifting

I have a deep affection for second-hand stores. And lately, it’s been an uprising trend to thrift. As someone who does it regularly, I can only applaud this.  I thought it would be awesome to do a blog post on my latest finds.

Before we dive into the things I’ve found I want to share with you what I love to thrift and what I never buy. I love to buy sweaters, purses, jeans and sometimes t-shirts. I never buy underwear or leggings in thrift stores.

I used to also flip furniture, but now that we have a dog running around it’s more difficult to do. I need a separate space to let the paint dry if I paint something and that’s just impossible now. But I really enjoyed that period.

The first thing I have found was this gorgeous oversized sweater. I just love this piece. I will wear it on top of my leggings and it’ looks really great on me.

It’s such a giant warm sweater… I love it!
It’s a relatively low neckline.
My favorite feature in this sweater… There are zippers on the sides… I could weep…

This cream cardigan is perfect to combine with dresses when it’s cold or just with jeans and a t-shirt. I love this piece because it’s so versatile and the cream color will make it easy to combine with just about anything in my wardrobe.

There is a bit of fuzz that I need to trim but the cardigan looks overall very well kept.
It’s a mix of white, cream and pink thread.

This gray t-shirt was brand new still in the package when I found it.

It’s a very simple gray long-sleeved t-shirt.

This purse is perfect. I mean from its size to its color, to the shoulder strap and the genuine weathered leather look. I think I’ll keep it till the spring comes and wear it then. Now I have a teeny-tiny purse to walk Maya and if I venture into the city I usually take a backpack for my iPad.

I think it might be genuine leather but I’m not sure. It’s soft and beautiful.

Everything that I have summed up was a steal really, I have paid 5 euros for it and that’s about the same in dollars. So if you are considering shopping in second-hand stores here are 5 reasons why.

Number one:
It’s cheap! Sometimes you find really expensive items for basically nothing.

Number two:
All the stuff there is handpicked by other people and although you have a lot to choose from it’s not as overwhelming as a usual store. This makes choosing something very easy. When you are at the clothing store, you have the whole store to chose from if you have an average size and build. And if you thrift often, you’ll be able to spot something in your size and style quite fast.

Number three:
Although the stuff there is from the companies that owe sweatshops, by buying the clothing from second-hand stores you are not supporting them in any way. You are supporting your local community. This means you are shopping ethically. Well done!

Number four:
Because of the unique taste of the previous owners, you’ll probably find stuff that you wouldn’t normally see in the stores you visit. Or wouldn’t see in the sea of choices as a possible item to buy.

Number five:
The finds you’ve scored will give you a greater high. It’s like a game finding stuff that fits and trying on stuff you wouldn’t normally do. Finding that the item fits perfectly and it’s like it was made for you. In other words, buying something from a second-hand store will leave you feeling happy and excited.

My wardrobe consists sixty percent out of thrifted clothes. I realize that it’s not for everyone but I want to leave you with this. If something in your home breaks or you want to buy a new clothing item, consider buying second hand. This is a very small way in which you can help our planet.

Have an awesome weekend!