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Henna, Frustrations And A Cozy Blanket

Elina December, SelfCare

Another day and another drawing. Honestly, this one was a bit frustrating to do and it didn’t really turn out the say I wanted it to. There are a lot of tiny details to fuss over and fuss I did. But somehow it didn’t want to bend to my will… It just is what it is. The prompt of the illustration challenge was ‘houses’ and I love the houses in Amsterdam. So I drew from a reference photo and wanted to make it look magical. I kept on adding details but I don’t know… I’m not satisfied at all with it…

But let go and let live right… It’s a daily challenge and so I can’t really dwell on it too long. I should have done it in a better way and drawn a buffer. But try as I might I usually can manage 2 or three and in the meantime, I have lots of other things to do so sometimes I draw and post the same day… Not really handy in this case because I can’t ‘sleep on it’ and come back to it to see it in an ‘other light’. So it’s day-by-day drawing. At the same time, I find it really good because this way I’m drawing each and every day. This is huge for my practice.

Oh, and I also did a henna treatment. I use the ‘neutral henna’ or cassia with a bit of real henna. For every 100 grams of cassia, I add 20 grams of real red henna. It doesn’t really give off color but what it does is brings a sort of richness to my own color. I don’t have a picture because my hair is still wet and there is nothing to see really. It’s not really noticeable. I add hot camomile tea to my henna until it becomes a paste and let it cure overnight. Then I put it on my hair and forget it for several hours. It makes my hair feel thicker and stronger somehow.

Anywho, the ‘cozy challenge’ prompt is reading under a cozy blanket. And I’m planning to do that as soon as I have posted this blog post. I think that I like this one the most from the whole list. It’s my favorite thing to do in December. 

Ok, I’m off to go read under a cozy blanket.

Warm greetings,