winters crown

Sunrise and Tea

Elina December, SelfCare

I have had one of the most incredible mornings of my life today. The prompt for my ‘cozy’ challenge said ‘look at the sunrise with a cup of tea’. I always associated sunrise with the summer. I looked up and turned out the sun would rise at 8.28 today. As it happened to be right in the middle of my walk with Maya I decided to do it. 

I prepared the tea in a reusable to-go cup and had my regular morning. I call my mornings ‘run run’ mornings because I try to prepare breakfast and lunch all at the same time and there is also trying to prepare everyone for their day and get them out of the door on time.

After the morning hustle, I got out and with the brisk pace, we got to a great spot with Maya from which we could look at the sunrise. We were just in time to see it and it was marvelous, to say the least. It was gorgeous and there was a blanket of clouds in which the sun went directly into after rising so seeing it so briefly was really something special.

Yes, the grass on that field was frozen… It was -3° Celcius… Very frosty…

Before this challenge, it never occurred to me to go see the sunrise in the winter. It’s so logical because the sun rises much later in the morning than in the summer. So you don’t have to get up in the early hours to see it happen.

It was a wonderful experience and I hope you’ll consider doing it too.

The rest of my day was unremarkable and peaceful after this experience. Today’s prompt for the ‘illustration’ challenge was ‘a winter hat’ and I have struggled with it although it seems very simple to illustrate. I don’t really know what it was… But I have done it and I really like the result. Up till now all of the prompts were really simple to get me started but I’m thinking of doing something more challenging net week.

I hope you had or are having a great day also.