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Going Makeup-Free For One Year

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I know this to be a sore subject for many women. Usually, it’s not ‘whether/or’ question but a ‘how much’ question. I was always in the second team, Team ‘how much’ (it all depended on the event) makeup is appropriate. 

I got skin issues and I stopped using makeup altogether for one whole year. Well, it was not that sudden first I stopped using foundation, then eyeshadow, then all kinds of blush and bronzer. The last to go was my mascara because of an eye infection.

no makeup

When I did that, something happened. I got used to myself beeing without makeup. Plus you wouldn’t believe how much faster you can get your pores clean without the makeup removal process. 

I always associated being make up free with not caring about how you look.  Usually, those were moms short on time for themselves. Those were the women that were tired, with bags under their eyes and completely makeup-free. Never was I become one of them!

no makeup

Then there were also indigenous people, who didn’t have makeup in their culture. I was definitely a product of many shows I watched where women woke up and had a full face of makeup.  Today, I find this fact so laughable it hurts!

What have I got against makeup? Well, I’m glad you asked. Absolutely NOTHING! Sorry for yelling there, but really nothing at all. Women and men who do their makeup and underscore their features are beautiful. 

no makeup

The thing I do feel bad about is that women are expected to be with tons of makeup on their face. It doesn’t matter whether you are throwing out the garbage or going to work. This is so unrealistic I feel. Some men never saw their spouses without makeup. This is ludicrous!

But the worst thing about it I feel is that we as women do that to ourselves willingly. We feel like we are ‘gray’ or washed out without it like something is missing. I was definitely one of these women. 

no makeup

I saw a YouTuber once, she was doing her ‘five am morning routine’. Before she put her makeup on, she was beautiful. With the makeup, she was also beautiful but it’s like she transformed into somebody else. I saw the girl that I wanted to get to know before she put that makeup on. 

It’s like we feel it’s socially unacceptable to be without makeup. Nobody is forcing us, we do it to ourselves. You can launch yourself into the media discussion and so on and so forth, magazines that show us the ‘perfect’ human body and the ‘perfect’ done up human face. But ultimately we do the buying and the putting it on our faces, right?

no makeup

Then you might argue that we live in society and we do what the society expects us to do and to be like. And really those are all valid reasons to put on makeup in the morning. Or are they?

You also might argue that it feels good to put makeup on, you feel more confident and good about yourself. But isn’t it like dawning a mask to hide behind. 

Yes, being done up is beautiful and sexy. Yes, it might make you feel good. Yes, it might be expected of you by your coworkers. Yes, you might feel like a perfect human being when you have makeup on.

Here I have a minimum of makeup: mascara ad filled out brows

But what about feeling all those things without makeup? Is it possible? I thought not, I thought that I would never feel beautiful, sexy or good about myself without it. And guess what? I did, I feel like I’m all those things without the makeup. Yes, occasionally I still use mascara and some blush, but I feel just as good and just as pretty without them. Do all the people around me think that I’m pretty when I am without makeup? The most important ones do, those being my husband and my son. The rest, in my opinion, don’t have a say.

These two never wear makeup and they are absolutely perfect.

For me, makeup was always something I was hiding behind. Don’t look at that look at this! Going without it for a year showed me that I’m beautiful without it. I don’t have to hide my ‘flaws’ to feel good about myself. I learned to look at myself in the mirror and accept and love the person who was looking back at me. I feel like we need more YouTubers and more bloggers who would show their real-self. 

Try it for a month yourself and see what happens.

Just be yourself, whatever that means for you.