DIY Fabric FauxDori or a Fabric Travelers Notebook

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I was planning to make a FauxDori since I’ve got a real one for Christmas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my original Midori, I love it so much! But as a crafter you sometimes get this urge to try to recreate something and I wanted to make it from a fabric.
So after months of hesitation I finally made it and I must say at first I was a bit disappointed and thought that I needed to make a new one. Because there were a lot of stuff that didn’t go according to my plan.
But now I just love my Little Dori (that’s the name of my FauxDori of FabricDori or FabriDori…).

It’s very cute and I love the colors that I’ve chosen.

So if you want to replicate this FauxDori you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Two Types of fabric of your choice or you can also go for one a meter will do (that is if you want to replicate mine if you want a different size you have to figure out how much you’ll need)
  • Thread in the color that matches or compliments your FauxDori
  • A sewing machine is optional you can also do it by hand, but with the sewing machine you’ll do it faster
  • You’ll also need black or colorful elastic that you’ll tread trough your FauxDori
  • You’ll need eyelets and a set of tools to put them in place (usually you can buy them in a set)

Dimensions here are fabric:

Width of the two identical pieces of fabric: 26 cm, about 10 inches

Length of the two identical pieces of fabric: 19 cm, about 7,5 inches

Use whatever dimentions you want just add 1 cm for seam allowance  all around the border.

For the booklets, that will go into you FauxDori you’ll need:

  • Colorful, graff, lined, watercolor (whatever quality you want and need) paper
  • Sturdy cardstock, you can use printed and be done with it or you can use plain and decorate it 🙂
  • (Optional) Gift Paper

Dimensions: width 21 cm about 8 inches, length 19 cm about 7,5 inches


For all further instructions watch this video that I’ve made.

Want to learn how to sew?

Here’s a very handy dandy and free course on Craftsy.

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