My Favourite Rustic Cheesecake Recipe

Elina Baking

I love to bake… I don’t do it often but when I do it I love to try out new stuff. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t and it’s frustrating but I slowly learn to accept this possibility. I return to this cheesecake recipe every time I need something I can count on working out each and every time. …


DIY Thermal Hair Care Heat Cap

Elina Crafts, Sewing

Self-care is important and I always have a good hair day after a hair mask. I usually just experiment with ingredients I have on hand, like an egg-yogurt mask. A thermal cap is a very handy thing because it delivers heat, it opens the cuticles of your hair and makes your hair absorb the hair mask better. So it’s a …

Perfectly Imperfect October Sketching Challenge

Elina Illustration

#1: First and most important: I got better at sketching! WOOHOO, this alone is pretty cool! #2: I now have almost 3 little sketchbooks full of everyday drawings. This is memory-keeping method at its best. The stuff you’ll choose to draw is usually pretty personal, at least if you aren’t drawing from a picture, which is cool too. My first …