jingle bells

Boring Saturdays and Endelflower Lattes

Elina December, SelfCare

Today I have the house all to myself. Technically, the house is just an apartment and I still have Maya with me but those are just silly details. Husband and son are away at grandparents’ house and I’m free to roam the apartment and do whatever I please. ‘Whatever I please’ means uninterrupted time drawing and doing laundry, a long walk with Maya then folding the laundry, cooking and cleaning the kitchen (I have it all on a post-it note).

The prompt for my illustration challenge was ‘jingle bells’ and it was quite fun to draw I brushed up on some old techniques I learned last year and all and all I like it…

My ‘finish the year strong’ challenge is also going strong. I haven’t missed a day posting a drawing yet, although I did miss two blog posts. I’m working out following my schedule and I also haven’t deviated from it yet. I’m also on track with my reading I have already 4 books for this week. It really helps that I’m listening to audiobooks this way I combine drawing and ‘reading’.

The cozy challenge prompt for today was making a new type of latte and I still have to run to the store to buy coconut milk, I’m out and it wasn’t on my schedule to go to the store today. So I still have to do it but I’m thinking something in the line of elderflower latte. I have elderflower tea so it should be interesting.

It’s a boring post I know I haven’t been doing anything exciting today. My husband came home early and our son stayed with the grandparent and we are going out on a date so I’ll have to run now.

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday so far,