Airport, Christmas Spirit and Hallmark

Elina December, SelfCare

Today was a very interesting day full of pre-Christmas activities. We had to pick up my grandma from the airport in Holland. So it became not only a ‘picking up relatives from the airport’- activity but also a road trip. There were Christmas carols on the radio and I worked on my Christmas illustration while my husband was driving.

At the airport, there was a special atmosphere. Almost everyone had one of those silly Christmas hats on and the embraces of those who arrived seemed so genuine and full of warmth. We met my grandma and got something to eat. The road back was about the same: Christmas carols and drawing. Back home we walked Maya and then we were on the road again, we went to mom and had a very cozy dinner. The whole day was full of coziness and Christmas spirit was everywhere.

The illustration challenge prompt was mistletoe. I tried to draw it once and I didn’t like how it turned out but this one I love. Again I’m sure there could be lots of improvements and usually once I post it I notice all the things I could edit and replace. But it’s pointless, it is what it is right now and the only thing that matters to me is showing up every day and practicing.

The ‘cozy’ challenge prompt for today was not watching television all day. And because we were on the road all day we managed to do this without any difficulty. Hooray!

This day was a pretty typical almost Hallmark-type of pre-Christmas day.

I also want to write here that I’m immensely grateful for everything that I have and all the love that surrounds me.

I hope your December is just as magic-filled as mine.