Hi friend,

Welcome to this website I call home 🙂

And as my home it has to be cosy and a little messy (but all my chaos is usually organized).

Fun facts about me:

I’m a creative soul gone wild.

I have a beautiful son Richard.

I have a loving husband Dmitri (who is also very handsome in case you were wondering)

You are welcome to visit and revisit all my projects as often as your heart desires. Be brave and get started! After all craft will make explore your creative side. That’s in our right side of the brain. Ones you get some stimulation there your life will never be the same!

And because I’m all about hospitality check out my giveaway page. You should be able to find there something for your liking.

Do not forget to take a look at my Pocket Letter Gallery. The incoming and the outgoing pocket letters will give you a healthy dose of inspiration I’m sure. And maybe make you consider to make your own 🙂

Have fun and get crafty with me.

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  1. Hi Elina,

    Thank you for your hospitality. I look forward to watching you grow and develop your skills in card making. Your haul was certainly exciting to watch. Enjoy every step!
    My kindest regards,

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