winter illustration

A Whirlwind, Cozy Meeting and Christmas Cards

Elina December, SelfCare

Oh my, today was a whirlwind. I woke up a bit cranky today and wend on a very long walk with Maya and that helped a lot. Then I had to finish an illustration but I kind of made the illustration over and over again but it didn’t work so I left it as it was.

The theme was pinecone but because today is the official start of winter and I decided to make a beautiful ‘winter’ word illustration. And I finished the illustration late in the evening.

In the day we had a meeting with our friends. We took the gifts that I hastily wrapped this morning and went up the stairs, their apartment is above ours so it was a pretty short walk.

We had a lovely meal and the kids played together. It was a cozy meeting on a December afternoon.

The picture is a bit dark because I took it when I was finished (late in the evening), but those are my Christmas cards 🙂

Then at home, I checked our mailbox and turns out that we got a lot of Christmas cards. I love this, really! But I still haven’t purchased any myself to give to our neighbors. I have a Silhouette Studio cutting machine. It’s awesome but I’m ashamed because don’t use it as much as I should. So I took it and bought a pretty design and cut out some Christmas cards. It was a very fun and satisfying project.

So I was busy today! My illustration might not be as pretty as I would like it to be but I like it still. And my Christmas cards are not perfect but I made them all of them. They are DIY’ish and that’s pretty cool and special.

I hope you are enjoying your December activities!