The summer end

A Warm Farewell to Summer

Elina SelfCare

This was such a beautiful and warm summer. Here in Belgium, we had tropical temperatures and heatwaves more than once. Because it was our first summer with a dog we were walking outside each and every day. I have taken loads of pictures and here are my favorite ones:

Shadows dancing on the pavement
I love the shadows of the trees on the pavement
tops of the trees
I love the sky in between the trees
Sunlit trees
The sun that lits just one side of the trees when it rises or sets
Coolness of the summer mornings
And the coolness of the morning with a promise of a hot temperature later in the day

I will certainly miss the summer with flowy skirts and dresses and lots of ice cream.

But I totally look forward to the sweater weather with hot Pumpkin Lattes (yes I’m THAT girl…), my comfy warm ankle boots and long walks on the cool crisp weather mornings. So goodbye summer, we will miss you in the winter. But, for now, we’ll just keep enjoying the last bit of warm days and evenings and hoping that the sweater weather will soon be upon us.

Enjoy the rest of the summer days.