A Cozy Autumn DIY- Cherry Pit Pillow- Hot Pack DIY

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Cherry Pit DIY

I love when the rain is pounding on the window and I’m sitting safely inside. Drinking a hot cup of tea and reading a book. And ok, you can get warm with a cozy blanket. But I love my cherry pit cushion. You can put it in a microwave and in a matter of seconds have warm feet.

Or when you have a pain in your neck or back a soothing warmth from this pillow is blissfully welcome.

It also has a really great smell. Once you heat the cherry pits they smell as if you baked cookies.

I can’t imagine long cold evenings without my cherry pit pillow.

I made this one so it would be easy to fold if I want to press it on my stomach or drape it over my shoulder close to my neck. Watch my DIY Video and tell me what you think.