Self-Acceptance And A Cozy Nook

Elina December, SelfCare

December so far is filled with tiny magic moments. I’m so grateful for it. I’m basking in it each and every day. I can’t believe that it’s the middle of December already! Time is going so fast.

I can’t help but compare it with December last year. There was a frantic/manic energy and I was going and going afraid of not being able to finish stuff before the year ends and yet being so frustrated that I didn’t make enough time for the most important things. I was an emotional mess. I had this feeling that I was behind on everything: my health, career, self-care, everything.

This year has been revolutionary in that scene that I learned self-acceptance. I accept where I am and the speed at which I’m going. It’s all good really. Yes, I have a lot of flaws and yes sometimes I still get frustrated. But then I remind myself that creating something new, learning how to create something new takes time. This is a great breakthrough of mine this year.

I accepted myself and the way I look without makeup. I accepted myself the way I’m working slow and steady.  I also accepted the less attractive sides of my personality. It’s all a part of me and I’m a whole person, to be a whole person you need to accept all of you. I can’t lie it was hard in the beginning. 

The hardest part was looking at the less desired parts and really looking at them without the negative self-talk. Without the mean-girl commenting on everything that was ‘wrong’. But at some point, I started to hear positive self-talk and encouragement that came from the inside. Never before have I had that. 

So if self-acceptance is something you are struggling with, I encourage you to take a good long look at the whole of you. Keep a journal even if you write one word or one sentence in it every day. It’s going to be great to see in what state of mind you were before you started and when you are slowly progressing, you’ll notice all the little details that slowly change that you wouldn’t be able to see without a journal. Journals are therapeutic even if you are a long way off from accepting yourself just getting all the stuff out that’s bothering you on paper. Then reading it and trying to see the good in it is already a very productive exercise. Even if you don’t see the good, once it’s on the page it’s out of your head, and then you can begin the process of letting it go.

Today’s illustrating prompt was a present. It was a very simple drawing and for some reason, I spent a lot of time on it. I think that the shape of the present is a bit off but it’s alright because a drawing is better than no drawing.

Today’s ‘cozy’ challenge prompt was making a cozy nook and I didn’t really have to do much I already have a cozy nook right by our Christmas tree. I usually sit there when I’m drawing. It’s such an inspiring, cozy space that I can’t imagine that soon we’ll have to take down our tree and put away all of the decorations. But it seems far away now and I’m enjoying my cozy nook every day.

Wishing you Merry December,