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Christmas Fair And A Lazy Sunday

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No blogpost yesterday so I’ll try to sum up our weekend in one blogpost. I’m writing this blog post while sitting in my favorite spot by the Christmas tree. It’s 5 pm right now so it’s getting dark outside and the fairy lights on our tree are casting a warm glow in the room. The most wonderful thing about this …

Merry and Bright

Sinterklaas, Candlelight and Fairy Lights

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Today we had a visit from Sinterklaas. It’s a ‘Santa’-like person that brings kids presents, cookies and mandarins. Sinterklaas rides a horse so what you should do is you take a shoe and you place a carrot inside. You set your shoe out for the Sint to find and you go to sleep. The carrot is obviously for the horse. …

Wooly socks

Curtains And Wooly Socks

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Today was a whirlwind of activity a lot of stuff that needed to get done before the end of the year. We needed to remodel Richard’s room a bit because he needs a desk and there wasn’t a place for it. Also, the windows needed to be cleaned in his room and he wanted to transform his bed so we …

baby it's cold outside

Shopping And Other Stuff

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Today we went shopping for presents for all the kiddos in our family. Really it’s my favorite thing to do. I can explore the world of toys and find what I think will be the best pick for all the kids. I love it. We did this without my son Richard obviously. But when we do go with him he …