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Let Us Drink Lattes!

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A month or two ago (who am I kidding I know exactly how long it’s been), I gave up coffee. After that, I kind of fell into this experimentation phase. I made lots and lots of herbal teas. I’m in love with Rooibos tea. I made blends myself and I also tasted a lot of store-bought blends and it was …


Our 5th (Wood) Wedding Anniversary: a Love Letter to My Husband

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There is a precursor to this. Seven years ago or so we had a big fight and my husband made a Facebook post and shared with all our family and friends. We are now Five years married and almost Ten together. I still have Facebook’s post printed and saved: it’s “231 Things That I love about you, Elina”. And I …


My Favourite Rustic Cheesecake Recipe

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I love to bake… I don’t do it often but when I do it I love to try out new stuff. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t and it’s frustrating but I slowly learn to accept this possibility. I return to this cheesecake recipe every time I need something I can count on working out each and every time. …

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Ultimate Guide to Sleep Better: a Sleeptember Challenge

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I was thinking of a challenge I could do in September. Going to sleep on time is the usual struggle for me. There is so much to do once my kid goes to sleep and too little time. I love self-care and the ultimate self-care is going to sleep on time. This summer I rarely went to sleep on time. …