Weaving For The First Time And Perfectionism

Elina Crafts

I had a giant stack of ‘Weaving’ Pins on my Pinterest account. I was hesitant to buy a weaving loom myself because I was kind of confused about how big it should be. I knew I wanted to weave all kinds of stuff like pillowcases and ‘wall art’ and maybe even a rug someday. So I didn’t know how big …

thrifted haul

I Thrift, You Thrift, We All Should Thrift More Often

Elina Thrifting

I have a deep affection for second-hand stores. And lately, it’s been an uprising trend to thrift. As someone who does it regularly, I can only applaud this.  I thought it would be awesome to do a blog post on my latest finds. Before we dive into the things I’ve found I want to share with you what I love …

a cupe of nope

Why I Stopped With The ‘No-Poo’ Method

Elina Januari, SelfCare

My hair oh boy… Ever since I’ve cut it into a pixie cut, this was somewhere around 2012. I wanted it to grow out into a very long beautiful mane… And it kind of did. My hair reached somewhere around 22-23 inches. It was a good result for me. At the same time, I was so focused on getting it …